About Sarah

My name is Sarah, and I love to cook. I grew up watching my dad in the kitchen as he worked through his career as a chef. When he retired and took on the business world, I decided it was my turn to take on the kitchen. My love of food has totally exploded, and I love sharing my recipes and food with the world. With his help I have made a pretty extensive collection of recipes. I am now attempting making every single one of them gluten free.

I grew up with a twin sister named Caroline and a younger brother named Liam. They are my best friends. I have been truly blessed to have such amazing and supportive siblings in my life. They have always been my play mates, confidants, and first taste testers. My sister made jokes when I was lying in the hospital being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and my brother made my dad stop telling his own (horrible) jokes. They rock.

My newest taste tester is my boyfriend Ian. For the past 2 years he has worked through all my food struggles, good and bad. He was the first one to try the mess that was my first gluten free dessert: an apple tart. That recipe has since been burned, much like the tart. He has been there through all of my ups and down, both food related and not. He also likes to fish. I will not be cooking those fish.

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 16, I decided to take a stand against all the stereotypes and make great food, that didn’t totally kill my blood sugar. When I was told I had Celiac disease at 19, I thought my kitchen reign was over. I struggled eating everything, and I thought everything I was ever going to eat was going to taste bad. Eating rice for every meal of the day became common. I was sitting with my mom trying to figure out what I was going to eat one night, and I kept saying I was craving onion rings. She looked at me and said “Why don’t you just make some.”

I have been stuck in my kitchen since, making amazing food that doesn’t hurt me. My goal is to eat everything I want. I never want to be held back by what I’ve been handed in life. I hope I can help you find some awesome food again too.

Any questions/requests? Feel free to ask me!


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